Innovating comfort and warmth, Insolartech is dedicated to enhancing lives in the face of Canada’s harsh cold. Our smart insoles, crafted with cutting-edge technology, address the physiological challenge of cold feet and seamlessly integrate with modern lifestyles. We prioritize user-friendly experiences, offering controlled heating, wireless charging, and customization for diverse foot sizes. Join us on a journey to redefine footwear comfort and conquer the chill with Insolartech.

Meet the team

Marjan Heydari

Project Manager
Marjan Heydari, in her role as the Project Manager at Insolartech since November 2021, With a keen eye for detail and strategic planning, Marjan has been instrumental in developing and refining project ideas. Her responsibilities include setting deadlines, monitoring progress, and effectively managing financial resources. Marjan actively participates in defining project scope and objectives, ensuring alignment with internal stakeholders and technical feasibility. She is adept at developing detailed project plans and utilizing verification techniques to manage changes in scope, schedule, and costs. Marjan excels in tracking project performance and analyzing both short and long-term goals. Her client-centric approach involves meeting with clients to understand specific project requirements and developing comprehensive plans for effective communication. She expertly employs her skills in creating spreadsheets, diagrams, and processing maps to thoroughly document project needs.

Fatemeh Forouzandeh

Sales Accounting Manager
Ali Mansouri, in his role as Marketing Manager at Insolartech since November 2021, brings a wealth of expertise to the strategic development of the company’s marketing endeavors. His responsibilities encompass evaluating the marketing strategy and plan. Ali plays a crucial role in planning, directing, and coordinating comprehensive marketing efforts to enhance brand visibility. He actively collaborates with the sales department to formulate pricing strategies that maximize profits and market share while balancing customer satisfaction. Ali excels in identifying potential customers, developing promotions, and managing advertising campaigns to foster brand awareness. His proficiency extends to budget management, including expenditures, research and development appropriations, and profit-loss projections. Ali is instrumental in compiling comprehensive lists of offerings, supporting sales and lead generation, and coordinating marketing projects from inception to completion. His role also involves organizing company conferences, trade shows, and major events, showcasing his holistic approach to marketing at Insolartech.

Amin Motiee

Project Technical Manager
Amin Motiei has served as the Project Technical Manager at Insolartech since April 2022. His responsibilities include analyzing, planning, and developing scheduled projects, and ensuring strategic and efficient execution. Amin establishes and implements training processes for technical personnel, emphasizing skill enhancement and expertise development within the team. He meticulously defines clear, roles, and responsibilities for all staff members, fostering a cohesive and goal-oriented working environment. Amin conducts regular technical team meetings to address any questions or challenges, promoting effective communication within the team. His role extends to updating and maintaining production technologies and ensuring proper maintenance and installation standards. Amin actively researches and evaluates hardware and software technology options, contributing to the continuous improvement of project capabilities. His commitment to talent acquisition and development is evident through recruiting and training future employees for positions within the technical department.

Ali Mansouri

Marketing Manager
Fatemeh Frouzandeh, serving as the Sales Accounting Manager at Insolartech since November 2021, plays a crucial role in managing a diverse portfolio of accounts to achieve long-term success for the company. Her responsibilities encompass reporting on the status of accounts and transactions, providing valuable insights to enhance sales performance, and identifying opportunities for growth. Fatemeh supervises account representatives, ensuring cohesive efforts to increase sales and achieve targets aligned with company objectives. With a keen focus on conflict resolution and timely customer solutions, she acts as the point of contact, addressing individual customer needs. Fatemeh’s strategic approach involves setting and tracking sales account targets, while also leading and training other members of the account team. Her proficiency extends to delivering impactful sales presentations to high-level executives and monitoring sales metrics, such as quarterly results and annual forecasts.

Our Goal

Insolartech’s primary goal is to revolutionize the way individuals experience cold weather by providing smart insoles that intelligently regulate foot temperature. Our mission is to enhance daily comfort, offer therapeutic benefits for those with foot injuries, and ensure an affordable solution for people seeking warmth in cold environments.