Charging in two ways: wireless charging and charging while walking

Temperature sensor and human foot detection sensor from other objects

Providing heat in shoes with nano pad heating technology

About Us

Innovating comfort and warmth, Insolartech is dedicated to enhancing lives in the face of Canada's harsh cold. Our smart insoles, crafted with cutting-edge technology, address the physiological challenge of cold feet and seamlessly integrate with modern lifestyles. We prioritize user-friendly experiences, offering controlled heating, wireless charging, and customization for diverse foot sizes. Join us on a journey to redefine footwear comfort and conquer the chill with Insolartech.

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What is our startup idea ?

An intelligent system that can warm your feet in a cold environment! In cold climate areas, improving foot health factors can lead to an attractive user experience for citizens. Canadian cities have a cold climate in many months of the year, and the design and production of shoes insole capable of creating gentle heat while walking is a response to the needs of different user groups to create an enjoyable outdoor user experience.

Product Description

Insolartech's smart insoles combat Canada's cold by providing controlled heating, wireless charging, and smart device compatibility. Waterproof and adaptable to various foot sizes, they offer a unique and competitive solution for comfort and convenience.

Product Features

  • Molding technology that makes the device waterproof
  • Ability to control energy consumption for high-charging
  • Adjustable sole size for versatile fitting.
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Also, with another technology implemented in this shoe insole, user will not have to worry about charging the insole of the shoe, because the insole of the shoe can charge itself with the help of walking and the charging system designed for it. To create an easy user interface, when the shoe is placed on the home pad, the shoe starts charging wirelessly. This pad is designed for this project.

Taking care of foot health is so important that it is metaphorically called the second heart. For this reason, it is valuable to design products and provide services that provide better facilities for walking and daily activities in different climatic conditions. We proposed the idea of ​​solving this problem by designing a smart insole that can be used in all kinds of shoes. For this reason, users can put the insole in their shoes using the technology of the day and heating control adjust it using an application on their mobile phone.

01. Designed to improve productivity, particularly in labor and mining settings, providing prolonged comfort for workers in challenging environments.

02. Ideal for users with foot injuries, especially beneficial for conditions like diabetes where the damaged nervous system requires specialized care.

03. Achieve a personalized fit for different shoe sizes by effortlessly cutting the insoles to match the user's unique foot dimensions.

04. Simplify the experience for individuals unfamiliar with smart technology, providing an accessible solution for comfortable and intelligent footwear.

our team

Marjan Heydari

Project Manager

Amin Motiee

Project Technical Manager

Ali Mansouri

Marketing Manager

Fatemeh Forouzandeh

Sales Accounting Manager